Adventure  Festa (hereinafter referred to as “AF”) is a website operated by Team Adventure Fesat. The Terms of Use and policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) will be defined as follows regarding the use and provision of services related to the (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) (hereinafter referred to as the “this service”). .
General rules

Scope of the Terms and Changes

1. These terms and conditions define the terms and conditions of use of the Service.
2. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all users (as defined in the following section) in relation to the use of the Service.
3. AF shall, as appropriate, notify all or all of the Terms by notifying or notifying the User in a manner that AF deems appropriate, such as posting on the Site or email, without obtaining prior consent of the User. You can change the department.
4. If all or part of the terms and conditions are changed, the modified terms and conditions shall apply to the use of the Service.
Users and Members


In the Terms, “user” means images, text, designs, logos, videos, programs, ideas, information, etc. provided by AF in the Services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “content” in the Terms). Collectively, those who search, browse or use (including “members” as defined in the next article), and when using this service, the Terms (special provisions of Article 4 paragraph 2 of the Terms, subordinate terms, guidelines etc It is considered that all the contents of) are accepted and approved.

In the Terms and Conditions, “member” means AF separately defines  ID Membership Registration, Terms of Use “(below,” Registered as a member based on the ID Terms of  A user who is a member of an ID.
Use of Services

1. Users shall use this service in accordance with laws, regulations, notices, and terms and conditions, and personal information protection policy, privacy policy, help, etc. separately defined by AF.
2. In addition to the Terms, AF may set special rules regarding the use of other services available to users, other subordinate terms of the Terms, guidelines, etc. regarding the use of the Services by users. The subordinate terms and guidelines of these terms apply to your use of the service as part of these terms.


1. Notices to the user from AF regarding the Service will be made by posting on the website of the Service or by any other method that AF deems appropriate.
2. If the user is a member, in addition to the previous section, we can notify by sending an email to the email address in the latest membership registration information.
3. When a member sends a notice by sending a mail, the member sends an email to the email address mentioned in the previous paragraph, and 24 hours after the member can view the email or when the member sends the email. We agree in advance that the notice from us will be deemed reached at the later time, whichever is earlier.
Communication / Advertising

1. AF may contact members by text, e-mail or other means in order to investigate, interview, etc. the opinion regarding the service, the status of transactions, etc.
2. AF may contact members by telephone, email, postal mail or any other means, in accordance with laws and regulations, for announcements of campaigns and advertisements related to the Service.

Limit of use

1. If the user falls under any of the following items, or there is a risk of falling under it, AF will immediately give all or part of the service to the user without giving notice or notification in advance. We can suspend the offer and cancel the membership registration if the user is a member.
1. When we did the act corresponding to the following
1. Violent demand for our company or our employees
2. Unreasonable demands beyond our legal responsibility to our company or our employees, etc.
3. Acts that threaten us or our employees or use violence
4. Acts of destroying our reputation or disrupting our business using the spread of reputation, counterfeit or power
5. Act according to the previous items
2. If AF determines that providing the Service is inappropriate
2. AF shall not be liable for any damages or consequences to users or third parties resulting from the suspension of provision of the Service, cancellation of membership registration, or other measures prescribed in the preceding paragraph.
3. The suspension of the provision of the Service and the cancellation of the membership registration under this Article shall not prevent any claim for damages to our users (including members).

This site uses SSL encrypted communication (secure socket layer) to improve the security level. In order to use the applicable service, your web browser must support 128-bit SSL. By using a web browser compatible with the security function, personal information such as the real name, address or telephone number entered by the user is automatically encrypted and transmitted. Even if a third party intercepts transmitted data, there is no concern that the contents will be stolen. Also, depending on settings such as a firewall, the page may not be available.
Management responsibility of ID and password

1. Member has  ID and password shall be used only by members themselves, and transferred, sold, inherited, loaned, disclosed or leaked to a third party (including other users) except with the prior consent of AF. It shall not be
2. Members shall have full responsibility for the management of storage, use, etc. of passwords. The responsibility of the conduct performed using the password etc. is regarded as the responsibility of the member who registered the password etc. AF shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the loss, omission, leakage, disclosure or unauthorized use of a third party’s password resulting from such loss.
3. Members are  If it is found that the ID and password are being used fraudulently by a third party, we will immediately contact AF, and if instructed by AF, we will follow it.
4. We may require members to submit necessary materials to confirm their use of passwords. Members shall promptly submit designated materials when requested by AF to submit materials.
Link to this site

The link to this site is basically free, but please specify that the source is our website. Please refrain from links (such as display in frame) that appear as part of the link’s home page. When linking, be sure to set the link as it is displayed as a new window. In addition, if we judge that links or citations are inappropriate, we may ask you to delete links or citations, so please respond promptly.

Setting of link to withhold

1. A website containing content intended to slander AF, other companies (persons) or other organizations, or to lose credit.
2. Websites that infringe or may infringe copyrights, intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, property, privacy, portrait rights and other rights of AF, or other companies (persons) and other organizations.
3. A website that is unclear that it is our content, such as the development of this site in a frame, and may mislead third parties.
4. Websites that violate laws, ordinances, regulations, or laws and ordinances or public order and morals, and websites that may interfere with the operation of this site.
It is not permitted to link using a registered trademark such as logos and marks owned by our company without permission. We do not allow you to create links that mislead the source of information. The URL of this site is subject to change without notice. Please note.

1. If you have provided a link from the Service to another website or resource, or a link from a third party website or resource to the Service, we will We accept no responsibility whatsoever for, including, but not limited to, gender, effectiveness, accuracy, certainty, safety, currency, and completeness. In addition, if AF reasonably determines that the content of the linked website or resource is illegal or inappropriate for the management and operation of the Service, AF does not require any notification from the user. The link destination can be deleted.
2. Advertisers (including, but not limited to) within the Service, or advertising content that includes the word “PROMOTION” to indicate that it is an ad. If there is a transaction with (including, but not limited to, participation in promotion such as sweepstakes), the user, based on his own judgment and responsibility, will conduct a transaction with the advertiser. , In this regard, we assume no responsibility. Payment of goods, determination of terms and conditions, guarantees, security, liability, transactions with / without a license, etc. are not guaranteed by our company at all, and we are listed in this service. The customer shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the transactions carried out through advertising or promotion.
3. AF shall not be liable for any damages, losses or disadvantages directly or indirectly suffered by the user even if the Service is temporarily suspended, suspended or changed in the following cases: Shall not.
1. In case of natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, heavy snow etc.
2. In the event of social unrest such as war, civil unrest, terrorism, riots, or disturbances
3. When we did not receive the appropriate service from the telco, carrier or provider with which we are contracted
4. When there is a reason that we can not respond technically
4. Some of the functions of this site use APIs (Application Programming Interface) provided by external services, etc. The terms of use and privacy policy defined by the service provider shall apply to these.
5. In accordance with the Rules, and in addition to this, in accordance with the contents registered by the member, AF shall fulfill its obligations and be exempted by processing the office work.
6. If a user causes any damage to another user or a third party by using this service, the user resolves it in its responsibility and cost, and We do not give any damage, loss, disadvantage etc.
Prohibited matters

Users shall not perform any of the following acts. In the event that AF or a third party suffers damages in violation of this, the user shall be liable for all such damages.

1. An act that gives nuisance, disadvantage or damage to another user, a third party other than the other user, or our company, or an act that may have them
2. An act that infringes or may infringe another user, a third party other than the other user, or intellectual property right such as copyright of AF, portrait right, personality right, privacy right, publicity right or other rights of our company An act
3. The act of using this service for commercial purpose (but excluding the one that our company previously approved)
4. Acts contrary to public order and morals or other acts in violation of laws or acts with such fear
5. Act of registering information including false or misleading content in membership registration
6. The act of the user using content obtained through this service outside the scope of private use
7. Copy, sell, publish, distribute, publish or otherwise act on content acquired through the Service through other users or third parties other than other users.
8. The act of collecting, storing or storing personal information of other users
9. Upload contents such as computer viruses, computer codes, files, programs, etc. designed to disturb, destroy or restrict the functions of computer software, hardware, and communication devices to this service, or send them by e-mail etc. Act to
10. Acts of the same member performing multiple member registrations (including the act of registering multiples from any of a personal computer, a mobile phone or a smartphone, but excluding those previously approved by AF)
11. Any other act reasonably deemed by AF to be inappropriate, such as damage or loss of AF’s credit

These terms and policies shall apply to all users from  01 Jan, 2021.

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