Party for Celebrating Adventure

The latest Adventure Festa will be unveiled soon in the coming Summer of 2022.
Every adventurer, from all diverse ranges such as 3D creations, visual design and digital media, is welcomed to join Adventure Festa with your playful mind, inspiration and muse of aesthetics.
Here you will be definitely find out the grand stage to showcase your works and meet many of your cheering squad here!

Who is Adventurer ?

Creators who challenged themselves are the respected adventurers .

3D creator

3D Creations

Designers’Toy, Wool and stuffed doll, Woods Gadgets, 3D Printed Objects, and so many more!


Graphic Design

Printed illustrations, Zine, Story Books, and Original Paintings.


Digital Media

Animation, Motion and Digital Illustrations.

How to Join Adventure Festa ?

Without limits, personal designers, independent art studio, and design corporate, are all welcomed to participate in.

STEP.1: Fill in Application Form

Don’t miss out the early bird application and get the best offer. Freelance designers are welcome to apply to join  with friends. Let us know if you want to organize a group with another designers or brands, while making your application.

STEP.2:Wait for Review and Reply from AF Team

It will take some times for AF team to review your submitted information. Please wait patiently with our reply of confirmation by mail. Do ensure that you could receive our email from ‘[email protected]’ properly.

STEP.3:Make Payment and Obtain Exhibiton Pack

Later on, AF team will dispatch exhibition pack regarding confirmed information and price offer of Adventure Festa 2022. Creators are officially qualified to join and showcase work in Adventure Festa after payment is done. 

STEP.4:Let's Party! Play with us together

Get ready with your awesome artworks. The best show is on.

2022 Adventure Festa is coming!

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